Police respond to a series of emergency calls and discover the perpetrators are … dogs

Police were dispatched to a house in Minnesota from which several emergency calls came. They were far from suspecting that those who had contacted the emergency services were, in fact, the 2 dogs of the family.

The Dodo tells us an unusual and funny story. It took place on February 21 in Lakeville , in the State of Minnesota. That day, the local police had received several emergency calls via 911 . 2 policewomen, Michelle Roberts and Emily Bares , were then sent to the house where they came from. When they arrived at the scene, they walked around the property and found nothing. The home seemed empty . However, calls continued to reach the exchange.

While, during the first receipts, no one could be heard on the end of the line, the following ones included distant barking. Police officers further searched, fearing that someone in distress and unable to speak was inside. Roberts and Bares managed to get the garage access code .

From there, they were able to get inside the house and that’s when they came face to face with a friendly duo of dogs : a Continental Miniature Spaniel and a Beagle cross.

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Back home, the owner of the premises and the animals initially disbelieved the theory presented by the police, but changed his mind when the tapes of the calls were made to him listen to the barking well audible.

For Officers Michelle Roberts and Emily Bares , this unique intervention was a particularly fun experience.


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