90-year-old woman survives thanks to her little dog, a ceremony is dedicated to her to thank him

In South Korea, Baekgu has once again shown that the dog is man’s best friend. According to local authorities, he saved the life of his owner.

On August 25, a 90-year-old woman with dementia went missing in Hongseong County, South Korea. While viewing her neighbor’s security camera, the police saw her leaving her home with Baekgu , her little dog. In close collaboration with firefighters and residents who volunteered, they launched a search operation.

40 hours later, the nonagenarian was found in the middle of a rice field 2 kilometers from her home. According to CNN , she collapsed in the wetland and was unable to stand up on her own. The plants also hid his body.

According to local authorities and her family, the old lady survived thanks to her faithful 4-legged companion who did not abandon her for a single moment.

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A ceremony to reward the dog

Baekgu , 4, stayed with his owner, despite the bad weather and the cold of the night. By sticking to her, he gave her a little warmth. The research team detected the animal’s thermal signature, thanks to a drone. Thus, the duo was found at the last minute.

The victim spent some time in the hospital, where she gradually recovered. His furry friend was hailed by the crowds and rescue workers as a brave and loyal hero. The canine with the white dress was entitled to a beautiful ceremony at the beginning of September, during which he received the honors of the firefighters, the police, as well as the governor of the province.

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The latter said: “ Baekgu created an incredible miracle and moved a lot of people. At the event, the dog was given a garland of flowers and a cake, and enjoyed some loving gestures from the crowd, such as hugs.


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