Authorities launch rescue operation to recover dog left alone on uncontrollable boat

An unmanned boat was seen turning 300 meters off the coast of Almunecar, Spain, on Monday (May 17th). While observing the scene, a photographer, Huw Evans, noticed the presence of a dog. The Coast Guard intervened to save him.

Huw Evans feared the skipper had fallen into the ocean, leaving the animal alone on the boat uncontrollably. The latter kept frantically drawing circles on the water, putting the life of her only 4-legged passenger in danger. Only the Coast Guard could free him from his trap.

After hearing the news, rescuers arrived at the scene and launched a somewhat hectic rescue operation.

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A larger Coast Guard boat then arrived as reinforcements. He finally managed to stop and hang up the small boat, putting an end to the dog’s ordeal. The canine, unharmed, was returned to its family. No information allowing to understand how and why the animal found itself in this perilous situation has been communicated to date.

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