In Canada, a hospital allows its patients to receive the visit of their pets

These are places where animals are normally prohibited. However, in Canada , a hospital opened its doors to them. A decision following the great experience of a patient, who saw his condition improve slightly in the presence of his 2 lifelong companions.

What if you are unfortunately forced to stay at Juravinski Hospital , Canada , and you don’t know what to do with your dog? You don’t have to worry. This hospital accepts their presence because it wants to be a benefactor in the process of patient care.

A reality discovered fortuitously thanks to the late Zachary Noble . The man had been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma at an advanced stage, and particularly resistant to chemotherapy . In fact, he was forced to spend time within the 4 walls of the hospital, not having enough for his pets.

The animal reduces stress

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The initiative, dubbed Zachary’s Paws For Healing , has come a long way. It has crossed borders, especially hygienic ones , to allow patients to have this so important support from their animal. The association makes a complete assessment of the condition of the animal in question before it enters the hospital. This has allowed, since Zachary Noble’s death, that many terminally ill patients can say goodbye to their dog , or have their support in these difficult times.


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