Why does my dog chase its tail?

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reason 1: what do you want to play? Reason 2: what should I do for external emotional discomfort? Reason 3: what should we do to attract attention? Reason 4: what should I do if I try to limit my physical discomfort?

you often observe your dog chasing the tail. You don’t know how to explain this behavior. Is this normal? Is this for the game or should I worry? Of course, the answers to all the questions about this behavior are interesting, but sometimes it is difficult to explain.


can explain the reasons why dogs run behind their tails. The following is the most common:

reason 1: to play

, you will observe this behavior, especially in dogs, Even in the late ripening period of some adult dogs, what should


generally speaking, this behavior is completely normal and does not require any intervention from you. On the other hand, if he becomes excessive or even obsessed: reaction is very important.

in fact, the normality of this behavior is limited only by its regularity. If this behavior often happens to dogs and can lead to self mutilation (scratches, etc.), then you must investigate the problem and find out the real cause. When your dog takes this behavior excessively, you can divert his attention by providing an activity he particularly likes. Rear end collision can also lead to emotional discomfort in dogs.

in fact, it is not uncommon for dogs to be redirected when they are very uncomfortable in a situation and in an unstable emotional state.

These aggressive behaviors may turn to external objects / people or the dog itself through mutilation and other alternative activities (here, rear end collision, grasping, biting, etc.). The unstable emotional state of


dogs may be related to one-time stress, Environmental changes, setbacks, boredom, and even too much energy to vent. What should


in this case, you must respond quickly and consult a veterinarian without hesitation, but also a dog behavior and education expert.

These professionals will help you determine the cause of the dog’s emotional instability, so as to comfort your pet and limit this compulsive behavior.

especially when the dog tries to catch his tail to vent his emotional discomfort, it should not be simply prohibited, In this case, check only the visible part of the iceberg. Here, you need to analyze the cause of the problem more deeply.

receives suggestions from woopets by registering for the newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets so that you can receive our news and business offers. Maybe your dog can’t stand your absence, maybe it doesn’t spend enough money, maybe it’s uncomfortable when guests come, maybe it’s afraid of objects, people or other animals in your house. It depends on what you observe that triggers your dog to circle and grab its tail, and then you can start rebalancing your emotions. A dog may also chase its tail just to attract the owner’s attention. OftenNT dogs who are quite intelligent and observant will soon realize that this behavior enables them to get all the attention they want. What should


in order to ensure that this is the reason why your dog adopts this behavior, nothing is simpler than this: when it does so, systematically ignore it, and you will understand! If

continues, it is because another reason is hidden under this attitude. He stopped because he realized that this behavior no longer satisfied him. But be careful, he will find another way to attract your attention!

and remember, ignoring a dog is: don’t look at it, don’t touch it, don’t talk to it! Simply turn around and move on.

reason 4: in order to limit physical discomfort,

finally, the dog may unfortunately chase the tail, catch it, bite / bite / lick or other to reduce physical injury.

is true, If this is the real reason for your dog’s attitude, you will almost systematically observe this behavior, accompanied by groans.

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. In addition, some dogs may rear end for genetic reasons, It is said that the skin weight is caused by neurological dysfunction. This genetic problem involves only a few breeds, such as bull terriers or German shepherds. Tell your veterinarian what to do with


whether it is caused by injury, bite, itching, skin infection, genetic or other problems, in any case, please make an appointment with the veterinarian to deal with your animal problems.

You can also buy a necklace for your dog so that his saliva won’t make the problem worse. “

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