The poignant message from shelter volunteers to adopt an abandoned Husky because of his strange gaze

Because of her physical peculiarity, the staff at the shelter where Jubilee lived after her abandonment could not get her adopted. A moving Facebook post changed everything.

Words, when they are carefully chosen and come from the heart, have an unsuspected power. When you combine it with the power of social media, you can accomplish great things and change lives. Jubilee’s story, reported by ABC11 , is proof of this.

She had arrived at the Husky House shelter in Matawan , New Jersey. The volunteers took good care of her and gave her all the attention she needed, but they were unable to find her a new family.

They then posted a shocking message on the association’s Facebook page. A text in which Jubilee takes the floor to tell her story and confide her hopes:

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This publication was a real turning point in the life of the dog. It was shared overwhelmingly and adoption requests poured in.

After carefully reviewing the applications, Husky House selected one from a family that had previously adopted from this shelter. Since then, Jubilee has led a joyful existence among people who love and protect her for who she is.


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