Host Jean-Luc Reichmann posts a photo of his dog with a leg amputated to deliver a strong message against abandonment

Recently, Jean-Luc Reichmann announced that his dog had to have one paw amputated. This Sunday, he posted a new photo of her on Instagram raising awareness against abandonment.

Adopt or take an animal and abandon it when going on vacation… Why take an animal? Do not abandon them ”. The message launched by Jean-Luc Reichmann , while the departures on vacation are in full swing, is strong. The Toulouse host posted it yesterday on Instagram , as reported here this Sunday, July 25.

With 100,000 abandoned pets recorded each year, France is the European champion in this area. A title that the country would have gone well and a finding that shocks all animal lovers, including Jean-Luc Reichmann . The 60-year-old presenter and actor has never hidden it, he who raises chickens in particular.

He also has a female dog by the name of Donna as a friend. He and his family adopted this female Labrador Retriever 8 years ago. Jean-Luc Reichmann spoke about it last year, in April 2020, encouraging people to adopt.

This Sunday, he once again paid tribute to Donna by recalling that she had recently had a leg amputated and that this only made their bond stronger. He especially insisted on the fact that the handicap of the bitch will never constitute a pretext to separate from her, on the contrary.

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The opportunity for him, therefore, to denounce the abandonment of animals in this period when the juillettists are returning to their homes or are preparing to do so, while the Augustans are preparing to go on vacation in turn. Among the 100,000 abandons mentioned above, 60,000 take place during the summer, many of the owners concerned abandoning their companions for lack of a custody solution.


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