18 photos of the amazing transformation of a stray dog with matted fur

A Shih-Tzu has undergone a total transformation after a grooming session by those who rescued him. These photos illustrate his career.

The volunteers of an association which defends the animal cause made a unique meeting. It is an 11-year-old Shih-Tzu dog who was crumbling under a mass of very matted hair. The animal could be taken to the premises of the association. He had the right to a grooming session which did him the greatest good.

Here are 18 photos of the Shih-Tzu dog who metamorphosed.

1. When Simon was found, his hair was encumbering him.

2. The grooming had to be done in several stages

4. This condition was the result of many years without treatment.

5. The volunteers admit to never having seen such tangled hairs

6. This grooming session was a real challenge for them

7. The hairs of the paws were also intertwined with each other.

8. So much so that the animal could no longer walk

9. He was also covered in ticks

10. The association’s veterinarians had to administer emergency treatment to him.

11. The grooming session lasted more than 2 hours

12. Before revealing the dog’s frail body

13. The difference in weight for the animal was 9 kilos

14. Usually, after such a grooming session, volunteers do not know what to expect regarding the condition of the epidermis.

15. The state of health of the animal also requires surgical treatment of the teeth.

16. In the meantime, Simon receives all the care he needs.

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17. He got a good bath

18. Something he couldn’t have had all these years


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