Saved by the 30 Million Friends Foundation, this dog had always lived in the dark. Today, he is rediscovering life!

Shocked by what she discovered in a beloved property, the team of the 30 Millions d’Amis Foundation rescued the many animals held there in catastrophic conditions. Among them, a dog who until then had known only darkness and hunger.

Patapouf is unrecognizable today. He has regained his beautiful black dress and is in better shape than ever. He has yet to relearn how to trust humans , but he is improving day by day. All this is thanks to the 30 Millions d’Amis Foundation which saved him from his ordeal . It was the Foundation itself that reported this rescue story last month on its site.

Patapouf and many other animals, including dogs , goats , roosters and chickens , lived in appalling conditions with a couple established in the Cher. The latter seems to have Noah’s syndrome . In other words, he accumulates animals at home without having the capacity to take care of them properly, which causes many problems for these animals: malnutrition , lack of hygiene , diseases , conflicts

Laetitia continues to take care of him and help him to go up the slope at the psychological and emotional level. Patapouf is now in good hands.

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