Severely affected by mange, this dog no longer accepted to be touched by humans

Suffering from a severe form of mange and other illnesses, Aka the dog had probably never been affected before. So when a man with a big heart patted him on the head and the animal realized he was there to help him, his life totally changed for the better.

We can no longer count the rescues of animals in distress carried out by Michael Chour in Cambodia and Thailand through his association The Sound of Animals .

One evening, the Frenchman was on his way home when he saw a dog in great pain on a busy road in Cambodia. The animal first fled, then came back to the man when he offered him food. Michael Chour then started to stroke him and the animal was not sure how to react. It was clear that no one had touched him before, not for very long anyway.

The quadruped was ill and had lost almost all of his hair . Michael Chour took him to the shelter , where the dog was examined by a veterinarian . He confirmed that he had scabies , but also piroplasmosis and a bacterial infection . He was put on antibiotics and intravenously.

After a month of treatment , care and affection , the animal, which was called Aka , was totally transformed . He was gaining weight , his hair was growing back and he had regained his zest for life .

He didn’t even need to be leashed on walks anymore, because he never strayed from his savior, Michael Chour .

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The latter then had to find him an adoptive family , but if so, the animal could stay indefinitely at the shelter, where it would be safe and lack nothing.


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