The adorable reaction of a runaway dog lectured by his mistress (video)

Every day, Daisy Mat’s mistress is forced to pick her up by car, because the dog goes to play with neighbors. And when the young woman lectures him, the runaway clearly expresses her embarrassment.

The video was from 2013, but it’s still going strong as ever, garnering almost 1.5 million views. And she deserves to be seen and reviewed, she is so funny and shows how exceptional our dogs are.

It is also one of the most viewed sequences among all those published by Britanny Young , a musician from Oklahoma (south-central United States), on YouTube. We see her dog Daisy Mat , whom she picks up by car after one of her frequent runaways .

In fact, the female Boxer slips away from home almost every day to visit neighbors and have a good time playing . We can also see a horse in the video, probably one of the members of the gang she leaves to find.

And so, when Britanny finds her, she orders her to get in the vehicle and the bitch does so by jumping into the backseat. Then, it’s the moral lesson . No one likes it and Daisy Mat is no exception. While her mistress remonstrates with her, the Boxer expresses her annoyance by yawning , uttering little cries and trying to hide .

You know you shouldn’t be here, ” Britanny reminds him. “ You come here every day. This is not your place. You should be at home with Mac ”, the latter being Daisy Mat’s brother and to whom she clearly prefers the company of horses.

To see her reaction, the bitch is not about to give up her little daily escapades.

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