Donald Trump jokes and tweets a montage where he presents a medal to the dog who pursued Al-Baghdadi

Donald J. Trump / Twitter

Donald Trump posted a rather surprising photo montage on Twitter. We see him decorating the attack dog who had been wounded during the raid against the Daesh leader, the image of the animal replacing that of a soldier honored in 2017.

This Wednesday, October 30, 3 days after the operation of American special forces which made it possible to eliminate the leader of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi , Donald Trump was once again reported on Twitter , his favorite communication channel . This time around, it’s a photo montage he posted, showing him handing out a medal to the Delta Force dog injured in the raid .

The image of the quadruped had been arranged instead of that of James McCloughan , the protagonist of the original photo . The latter immortalized, in fact, the presentation of his Medal of Honor by the American President in July 2017. A veteran of the Vietnam War where he served as a medic , McCloughan had distinguished himself by saving several soldiers at the risk of his life . On the mount, the medal was also replaced by a dog’s paw.

The image obviously aroused a good number of reactions , in particular because of its origin . As evidenced by the credit at the bottom right, it emanates, in fact, from the site The Daily Wire , known for its ultra-conservative positions. Paris Match even describes it as a “ far-right conspiratorial ” media.

To return to the dog in question, remember that Donald Trump tweeted his photo on October 28 to pay tribute to him. The name of this Belgian Shepherd Malinois had not been officially revealed , but according to several sources, his name is Conan .

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He was one of the dogs that took part in the operation led by a hundred men of the Delta Force , a special unit of the United States Army, on the night of October 27 to 27. It was the house where hiding Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader proclaimed the Daech terrorist organization, Baricha in north-western Syria and 5 km from the Turkish border. Cornered at the bottom of a tunnel under the property while being pursued by Conan and the other dogs, Al-Baghdadi had triggered his explosive belt , dying instantly, killing his 3 children and slightly injuring the Malinois. The latter recovered perfectly and even resumed service within his unit.

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