This dog’s fainting fits are epic, they keep him from all trouble!


The gift of acting is not reserved only for humans, according to this dog who uses it every time his mistress wants to cut his nails.

Just as water, bathing and swimming are the hobby of some dogs and the phobia of others, it turns out that the appreciation of grooming sessions is also shared.

For this Pitbull in this case, it would seem that everything is more interesting than the times when you have to cut your nails , as reported by the site Ilovemydogsomuch.

Indeed, as soon as the animal’s mistress asks her to give the paw , the biggest drama occurs each time.

First of all, the Pitbull ignores the request of his mistress and does not give her a paw because he guesses what is going on. The animal recognizes the nail clipper and tries to escape its spell by pretending not to have understood the request.

After having asked her dog several times to give her the paw, the young woman takes it herself and begins her operation. Seeing his nightmare looming, the Pitbull finds no other alternative but to pretend to pass out.

Doing this, the Pitbull who masters his turn for having done it several times, proceeds by perfectly mastering his fall. Indeed, the dog does not let himself fall into a great crash, he does so in a slow and graceful movement.

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As the mistress does not get caught by her dog’s comedy acts, she continues to cut his nails. The dog then has the saddest look, for he has been defeated.

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