This bitch calls for help all the people she meets to save her litter which risks hypothermia

To protect her puppies from the snow and the cold, one dog had no choice but to hide them in a duct along a road, but that was not enough. Seeing the hoped-for help coming to an end, she couldn’t contain her joy.

In Serbia, a very cold winter day, a dog was desperately trying to protect his little hypothermia in the hiding in a drain rainwater pipe, as says. Local residents noticed this and immediately called the Dog Rescue Shelter , the largest refuge in the country, located in the town of Mladenovac .

2 volunteers from the organization were sent to the scene. However, they had all the trouble in the world to locate the small family of canines, because the site was completely covered with snow . Eventually, they spotted dog footprints leading to the entrance of a conduit bordering the roadway.

As soon as the dog saw the 2 men approaching, she came out and came to meet them , wagging her tail . She seemed to have understood that they were there to help her and her puppies .

Inside the pipe, the volunteers saw the 3 young dogs, 2 males and a female . The latter, however, were too scared to go out. Rescuers had to use a broom to retrieve them and place them warm in their vehicle, where their parent was waiting for them.

At the shelter, the dog, who received the name Hera , and her offspring received food , veterinary care and attention , while waiting to be adopted by their respective new families. They will never be hungry or cold again.

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