Masters of 20 senior dogs, this couple invests 50,000 euros to provide them with a home that meets all their needs!

In New York, a couple is at the origin of an association which takes care of senior dogs . Chris and Mariesa Hughes run Mr. Mo Project and live with 20 senior dogs.

The couple had the trigger to launch a project of such magnitude when their dog, Mo suffered from old age. They were able to measure how heavy the loads and how unmanageable the bills can be. As a result, many senior dogs find themselves abandoned by their owners because they are unable to ensure such a load.

However, the couple could not let the poor creatures go through the age-related health problems without assistance. So they decided to invest $ 55,000 to make their house a fully equipped home for twenty dogs.

The latter are not the only ones to have benefited from the help of the Hughes . Indeed, the couple has already managed to save several hundred senior dogs from euthanasia .

The dogs the couple welcomes have special needs. Chris and Mariesa spent $ 30,000 on a pool that provides hydro-therapeutic care for dogs.

With age, dogs can suffer from joint problems. It is therefore imperative to make them do exercises.

The house is also equipped with all kinds of protections to prevent falls on the stairs or other accidents.

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A bed valued at $ 5,000 was also acquired by the couple so that all the dogs could sleep together, as reported by the Ipnoze website.


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