Rescued when he was just a puppy, this Pitbull now takes all stray animals under his wing!

After a life of wandering whose scars she still bears, Hema, a female Pitbull, has adopted the habit of adopting kittens in difficulty.

When she talks about Hema , her Pitbull dog , Marissa Clingen is always proud and moved. With her roommate Robin Seegers , she adopted her in 2013 from the Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington DC . Previously, she wandered the streets of the city, her face covered with bite marks . Despite this, she has always been gentle with everyone; other dogs , people , but also and especially cats .

Marissa Clingen realized this when she started welcoming kittens into her home. Hema instinctively transformed into a surrogate mother for these orphaned, abandoned or lost little felines. The bitch loves sleeping next to them, spending time with them. She even lets them nibble on her ears without flinching. “ All she likes is licking them and nodding them ,” Marissa Clingen tells The Dodo .

Thanks to the Pitbull, the kittens are reassured , regain confidence and are socialized . Thus, they are better prepared to join their adoptive families. Muffin is one of the twenty or so little felines that have passed under Hema’s wing. Extremely weak and sick, he had known how to go up the slope and start a whole new life with the invaluable help of the benevolent dog. An experience which had strongly marked Hema and his mistress, and which had encouraged them to continue their marvelous work .

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