Blind, this dog is lucky to have his own assistance puppy!

Blind since having both eyes removed from glaucoma, Charlie was dragging himself into a home where he had lost all faith in life. This 11-year-old dog had no goal. Except that his family adopted a puppy who, since his arrival, has turned everything upside down, including an invigorated Charlie. The dog seems to come back to life and, with him, a whole family is revitalized!

Maverick literally changed the way Charlie saw life. A life that has become dark, boring . Blame it on visual blindness resulting from glaucoma contracted a few years ago. As a result, the vets had no choice but to take Charlie’s eyes off . This dog’s zest for life has greatly diminished, as has his excitement. At 11, he was dragging himself slowly, but surely, towards the twilight of his life …

Charlie rediscovered the joy of living

What’s more, the new to the Stipe family seems to be aware of Charlie’s difference. “ He’s aware that Charlie has to move around to find the items, the players. As they walk next to each other, Maverick helps Charlie go straight . The smaller of the 2 is never far from his 11-year-old elder.

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No one could predict that Maverick would be the best that could happen to a Charlie who postponed death . Much later hope its owners. “ We used to think we could lose him at any time. Now, with Maverick, it’s as if he had this zest for life again, ”says Chelsea , convinced that his eyes, if they were still in place, would sparkle with happiness .


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