A couple find their cat after more than a month of searching. At 17, the senior cat spent 35 days alone in a cave!

In Italy, the owners of an elderly cat had lost sight of her for about thirty days, when she escaped from her crate while they were on vacation. She was eventually found safe and sound in a cave.

Last July, Laura Taddei and her husband were on vacation on the island of Elba , part of the Tuscan archipelago near Corsica. As the Amore a Quattro Zampe website reports, the couple were on a dirt road near Fonza beach when they realized that their 17-year-old cat , who was accompanying them, had escaped from her transport crate. .

All around, there was only vegetation and no houses to take refuge. The feline, responding to the name of Titti , could not be found. His teachers have sought tirelessly since, aided by volunteers of ENPA Association (Ente Nazionale Protezioni Animali).

They had to resolve to go home without their pets once the holidays were over. They nevertheless continued to appeal for witnesses and remained hopeful.

Finally, more than a month after Titti’s disappearance, one of the few inhabitants of the locality where she had vanished called Laura Taddei to tell her that he had seen a cat resembling her in the area.

A few hours later, and despite the late hour, the couple were on their way to the place designated by the witness. They were soon joined by ENPA volunteers. They were finally able to spot Titti ; the cat had been hiding in a cave where she had survived for 35 days . She was dirty and emaciated, but well and truly alive.

Commenting on a Facebook post from the ENPA association announcing the good news, Laura Taddei thanked all those who had helped her in her research . The volunteers, of course, but also Marco , the man who recognized Titti and indicated his location.

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