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awards are considered to be an integral part of dog education. What are rewards? Why use rewards? There is no reward for educating your dog: what are the consequences? Is it possible for

to educate his dog without reward? This is what we will see today: what is the reward, why should we use the reward, what are the consequences of not using the reward, and what can be used in the end? What is the reward of


first of all, in my opinion, it is very important to specify what is the real reward. In education, whether dogs or people, rewards are a pleasant result (sometimes unpleasant, but we will focus on positive returns), which is the result of action. Usually, this reward is provided by external personnel, but it can also be self applied.

for example, when the dog sits down according to the owner’s command, the owner will reward his dog and bring him a happy result.

Another example is that if a dog runs after its prey, finally catches it and eats it, it rewards itself by tasting the fruit of its prey.

rewards are usually related to candy in people’s minds, but, as mentioned above, rewards are described as an advantage Therefore, at any time, the word “reward” is not synonymous with candy.

we will list various possible rewards in dog education to stop thinking that education with reward must mean education with candy. Why does

use rewards? “In my opinion, it is inevitable to educate your dog with positive returns. The reason is that it is very important to congratulate and encourage the dog’s good behavior to encourage it to repeat the behavior that led to this famous good result.”

Rewarding a dog for doing a good deed is to make him feel satisfied, but the most important thing is to encourage him to do the same good deed. Rewarding a dog is to let him get what he likes, which will make him want to do it again. In short, to educate a dog is to teach it all kinds of commandments. The purpose is to live a healthy and peaceful life, whether at home, on the street, walking, with other animals, with others, etc. if these commandments are not strengthened and encouraged by positive returns, our dog will have no commandments.

taught his dog no return: consequences

As mentioned earlier, educating a dog without return is a bit like blowing the air, because for a dog, if it takes action and its owner is still completely patient, it will understand that this behavior will not bring satisfaction, so it will not want to copy it. Take work as an example, if you work hard every month for various reasons (for salary, completing a project, pleasing others, etc.) But at the end of the month, you don’t get any recognition, so in the next month, you won’t have the same energy and motivation to work hard, because you will know that in the end, you won’t get any positive rewards. This is a personal process, but also a dog process.Lucky people, in addition to those of us who are complex and sometimes a little tormenting, they are moving in the direction of bringing us happiness and satisfaction. If not, we will change direction, and we will try other ways to obtain the required recognition.

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dogs work. If they understand that obedience will not bring them any benefits, they will eventually give up obedience and only do it on their own, because it will bring them more satisfaction after all.

finally, here are some positive rewards to be implemented in his dog’s education:


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, of course. This is a major reward. Of course, it will encourage dogs to repeat food fortification behavior. However, some dogs are not greedy or have low tolerance for food. In this case, there are other options. Caress is usually used to verify behavior, but only for contact with dogs. However, pay attention to caressing, which may have two main disadvantages: if caressing is often proposed to the dog, or just a greeting or hug, it will be worthless in the eyes of the dog and will be regarded as a normal and ordinary behavior. Simply put, if you often touch your dog, don’t reward it with touching, because it won’t think so. Remember, reward must be a behavior that strengthens good behavior, which means that this behavior must be one-off in order to maintain a certain value in the eyes of the dog. In addition, touching is not always fun for all dogs. Some dogs have poor sense of touch and don’t necessarily like this kind of physical contact. Therefore, it is important to know your dog and know what he likes or dislikes. This is a game that can be used to play games for dogs who like learning fun. However, beware of games that may distract the dog from the educational curriculum and even over stimulate the dog. Games are usually used at the end of the course to make the dog angry and complete the course in a positive way. Sound can also be used to reward your dog’s good behavior, and it is usually a spontaneous reward that you can build without real thinking. But be careful. If you pay back with sound, it’s too much. It is not enough to say “this is right” to the dog. It must understand that the action taken is enthusiastic and makes the owner happy. Then there was a rather sharp tone and a rather marked word “yes, this is my dog”. Just like touching, your dog is used to hearing you constantly. He knows your voice and will recognize your voice among many others, so he uses an exaggerated and unusual tone to express surprise and surprise. Then he will understand that he really did something to make you respond positively. In fact: as we said before, dogs are opportunists. They will copy the behavior that satisfies them. In fact, please don’t hesitate. A silly but convincing example: my dog wants to go out and tickles on the door. I don’t know (this behavior won’t satisfy him). On the other hand, my dog wants to go out. He sits in front of the door and I open it (this behavior is satisfactory).

finally, youYou will understand that obviously, you will not learn to educate your dog without reward here, because it is meaningless in education. Education is certainly learning, but the most important thing is to stimulate the desire to learn. If there is no reward, you absolutely don’t want to learn. What you hate most is learning. “

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