Victim of a car accident, his dog saves him by getting him out of the vehicle!

On his way home from the weekend, a young man hit a tree with his Jeep. Beside him stood his dog. An animal that has had the necessary composure to extract its master from the smoky vehicle. Today, if he was able to escape unscathed, he owes it to the one who originally belonged to his sister!

Forever, Isaiah Lenotte will be able to thank his dog, Athena . Without it, it’s not certain that he got away with so few serious injuries. He has, moreover, suffered only minor injuries according to The Dodo, which reports the information. “ I could never be so grateful to him, ” says the young man.

A wise bitch, but trembling

The animal was constantly worried about the precarious state of its master. She did not leave the one she had just saved. Until Jennifer , Isaiah’s mother, comes to their aid. “ She was seated well, but was shaking. Fairly logical reaction given the events. “ I put it in my truck. I had to bring her home since she was looking for my son, ”confides this mother to our colleagues.

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Isaiah was taken to the hospital to be examined more closely . Since his release and his return home, he can count on a constant presence of Athena , who has definitely become attached to Isaiah , while his older sister, the true mistress of the canine, is currently studying at the university . “ She never leaves me and always waits for me when I get home. There is no dog I trust the most . »A well-deserved trust for this Pitbull, guardian angel of Isaiah and his family.


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