Canine osteochondritis


osteochondritis is a disease characterized by growth or joint tissue development. Large breeds, such as Lowe, German shepherd, Labrador and golden retriever, seem to be the most affected.

dog osteochondritis is defined as

. This change of cartilage is a local disease of endochondral ossification. This is the abnormal growth of cartilage, the connective tissue at the end of the bone, which allows the bone to grow. The disease mainly affects the dog’s shoulder, but it also affects the knee and elbow. Its effect on males is 2-3 times that of females. The origin of osteochondritis in dogs with

and the destruction of endochondral ossification are multifactorial. We put forward some hypotheses:

Genetic predisposition: some dogs are more prone to osteochondritis than others. Heavy breeds are most affected, mainly Lowe, Labrador hound, shepherd, English Setter and golden retriever. Nutritional factors: excessive protein, energy, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D will increase the risk of osteochondritis. Very fast growth: that’s why females are least affected because they grow slower in adulthood. Traumatic factors: trauma increases the risk of osteochondritis (which is very rare). Clinical symptoms of

osteochondritis in puppies aged 4 to 10 months, the early symptoms of osteochondritis are easy to identify. We note that

refers to sudden or gradual claudication of the forelimb. Claudication can be permanent or intermittent, moderate or severe. Obvious pain (due to inflammation) in dogs, especially when joints are moving. Dogs may also tend to transfer their weight to the other leg. Your animal’s back will no longer be completely symmetrical. The diagnosis of

is based on various symptoms reported and observed in dogs, mainly claudication. X-rays confirmed the diagnosis. This is done after anesthesia or sedation because it requires precise positioning. CT is also useful in some more sensitive cases.


treatment of osteochondritis requires surgery, usually before conservative treatment. If the operation is performed as early as possible before the occurrence of osteoarthritis, the prognosis

operation seems to be very effective. Therefore, the prognosis is usually good, especially osteochondritis of the shoulder. In fact, claudication disappeared in 4 / 5 of operating dogs.

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