Woman jumps to the bottom of her frozen pool to save her dog (video)

As soon as she saw her dog fall into the icy water of his swimming pool, a woman dived in to save him. Neither the cold nor the cuts she made on her hands while intervening prevented her from rescuing her 4-legged friend.

Last week, Jennie Tatum was filming her dogs while they were having fun in the snow at their home in Murfreesboro , Tennessee, when an accident occurred.

As the New York Post reports, one of the Pitbull crusaders, called Sid , slipped by the pool and ended up in the icy water . His mistress immediately ran to his aid. She broke the thin layer of ice, injuring her hands in the process, then dived, but couldn’t find it.

The animal was at the bottom of the pool, more than 1.2 meters deep , and the surface was opaque from the frost. The more time passed, the greater the danger for Sid , whom drowning and hypothermia threatened.

She then left the pool to see it better, and finally spotted it and plunged back to retrieve it.

Within 10 seconds …

Jennie Tatum and her husband immediately took him to the vet . Fortunately, Sid recovered. The specialist explained to him that if she had intervened 10 seconds later , he probably would not have survived .

A courageous rescue-reflex which is reminiscent of the one achieved by the Texan Dan Holmes , thanks to which his dog Australian Shepherd Christi came out safe and sound.

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