Moved by the state of a stray dog totally afraid of humans, a volunteer does everything possible to teach him again what love is

In Greece, volunteers took care of a large stray dog who was very afraid of humans. Patience, care and love helped him to trust people and to have a whole new start in life, far from the streets and suffering.

A volunteer spotted a large dog wandering around a gas station on a highway about sixty kilometers from Athens , the Greek capital. She tried to come to his aid, but the quadruped was too suspicious of humans to be approached. Each time, he fled , says Animal Channel .

The young woman, however, was determined to save him . She returned to the scene two days later and did indeed find him there. She was willing to take whatever time it took to gain the dog’s trust.

She offered him food and some treats . Without rushing things, so as not to run the risk of seeing him go away again, she let him come towards her little by little. She even asked her colleagues to leave so as not to disturb him.

Eventually, the volunteer managed to put a leash around his neck, then took him to the vet . The dog, who was named Arnie , was very thin and had multiple lesions, most of them cuts .

Supported by the local association Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS), he gradually recovered, gained weight and learned to trust humans. He himself showed himself more and more gentle, friendly, docile and affectionate towards his saviors.

A few months later, an adopted family was found for Arnie , who is now called Barney . Since then, he has lived in a house by the sea, alongside his new mistress Marilli , his dog Izmir and his 5 cats Matias , Titica , Bom Bom , Soya and Fani .

The video below traces all the stages of his rescue :

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