Dog survives fire and finds love thanks to his rescuer

Artemis did not only save the dog she had discovered among the ruins of a house completely destroyed by the flames. It also allowed him to finally discover what family life is like.

We remember that 2 years ago, terrible forest fires raged in Greece. The flames had claimed many lives and wreaked havoc. Vast swaths of forest had been charred, as had a multitude of buildings.

At that time, in July 2018, a volunteer , Artemis Kyriakopoulou , went to the coastal village of Mati , located about thirty kilometers from the capital Athens , to look for possible surviving animals and rescue them. .

The sector had not been spared by forest fires, on the contrary. The trees were devoured by the flames, as were the houses. As she approached one of the completely charred and devastated houses, she noticed a nearly intact brick kiln. She was sure she would find something there, probably the corpse of an animal. She did find one, but alive , reports The Dodo .

It was a dog . The poor quadruped suffered from burns all over the place and was clearly in pain . Artemis Kyriakopoulou could not hold back her tears upon discovering it. The other volunteers either. Nonetheless, she was happy to have had the chance to rescue him.

The dog was taken to the vet who, upon examination, concluded that the quadruped had been wandering for some time, probably from an early age. So perhaps he had never known a family .

After being groomed , he received the care he needed and was able to rest.

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The dog, which was named Marshmallow , was then given to a foster family , that of one of Artemis Kyriakopoulou’s fellow volunteers, pending adoption .


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