Hidden under a car to escape the scorching heat, this dog meets the man who will change his life!

Seeing a man approaching the car he had hid under to escape the sun, a dog immediately felt he was going to help him.

In Dubai , at the height of summer, the temperature can reach 50 ° C. For stray animals , living in such conditions is extremely difficult . It is precisely in this Emirati city that Anand Raman lives.

One day he was going to visit his sister at her workplace. After seeing her, he returned to his car . It was there that he noticed that a dog was hiding under the vehicle . The poor canine was desperate for shelter from the sun and the suffocating heat , says Go Animals .

However, when he saw Anand Raman coming towards him, he started wagging his tail . He seemed to have understood that this man was benevolent and that he was going to offer him the help he so badly needed.

The dog therefore got out from under the car to meet him. Anand Raman noticed that he had an irregular gait , especially in his hind legs . He stroked it , then took it to the vet . During the trip, the young canine rested his head on his shoulder and fell asleep .

He felt safe by his side and the coolness inside the vehicle was most pleasant to him, having spent so much time in the heat of the furnace. Above all, he understood that he was now in good hands .

Upon examination, the vet discovered that the dog was suffering from malnutrition and rickets , hence his gait. Nothing definitive, then. With proper care and nutrition , everything will get back to normal.

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Snowy took some time to get used to his new life , including leashed outings and the apartment , but he eventually got to grips with it thanks to the patience and love of the one who had saved him. .


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