Touched by the fate of sick animals during a pandemic, this volunteer restaurateur uses his plane to find them a refuge!

Having found himself with a lot of free time due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Eduard Seitan took the opportunity to fully live his passion for aviation, while helping dogs and cats in distress.

Eduard Seitan has been transporting animals by plane for 2 years for the organization Pilots N Paws . The latter is a network of pilots who voluntarily carry out flights allowing dogs and cats coming from shelters , where they risk euthanasia , to start a new life . Eduard Seitan and his comrades take them by air to other structures or host families across the United States.

It is at the controls of his own plane, an old Piper PA-28 Cherokee in the colors of the American Air Force, that he fulfills his noble missions . In total, he has transported around forty canines and felines since he joined the Pilots N Paws adventure, reports Today .

He did this occasionally until last March, when the pace of the flights became much more regular for him. With the crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, he had more free time and now devotes much of it to the animal cause.

Arrived in the United States in 1992 from his native Romania, Eduard Seitan had first worked in construction, then as a waiter in an Italian restaurant. He gradually rose through the ranks and took part in the opening of a dozen establishments in Chicago , including one starred . Because of the new coronavirus, they have had to close their doors and activity has fallen sharply.

Sometimes the dogs are a little shy when they come on board. But as soon as you get the engine running, they relax, ”he tells Today . A behavior that he observed in Frank and Hero , 2 quadrupeds that he recently embarked in his single engine to take them to Ohio. Another pilot of the organization took over to transport them to Pennsylvania. This is where the German Shorthaired Pointer and the Shepherd cross joined a program for the reintegration of prisoners through dog training .

Eduard Seitan himself owns 2 dogs from shelters. In addition, he regularly acts as a foster family for other canines on behalf of Chicago Animal Care and Control .

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