Conflict between dogs

, Illustration : "Les conflits entre chien mâle et femelle" and

usually encounter two males or even two females when dealing with conflicts between two dogs. Tensions between dogs are less common and can lead to physical confrontation. However, in this case, it is important to respond skillfully.


why do men attack women? The reason that may lead to bitch being aggressive towards dogs is the best solution:

sterilization. In most cases, conflicts between dogs often occur between homosexuals. Mainly male. It is not common to see two bitches fighting, but it will happen in all cases, and the confrontation may be very fierce. More rarely, men and women will conflict and start fighting.

in this case, several factors will lead to conflict. These factors must be identified in order to take appropriate action to end tensions. This is about good cohabitation between dogs.

why does a man attack a woman?

when you have a pair of dogs or consider adopting them, you can reasonably expect that males and females will live in peace and harmony. Because most conflicts between dogs occur between the same sex.


regional instincts, competition for females in hot weather, trying to focus the owner’s attention on themselves, and questioning the hierarchy often force two dogs to face each other, Intimidate each other. This may include physical confrontation, which may lead to impressive combat scenes and serious injuries.

however, male dogs may decide to attack female peers. For example, if a dog risks getting too close to its fish tank, the dog may react aggressively. If the female craves another thing belonging to the male, or the latter already has his own thing: toys, bullets, chewing bones…

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in most cases, this aggressive behavior is neither lasting nor intense. If the female gives up what she wants, the male will eventually calm down and the relationship between the two individuals will immediately return to normal.

in the opposite case, that is, when the bitch attacks the dog, the reason why the bitch is aggressive to the “kdsp” dog, This response may be caused by men’s constant and continuous demands. This happens, for example, when the female is not heated and the male repeatedly returns to the load. The bitch finally gets enough and may become aggressive.

the bitch’s attack on the male may also occur when the bitch calves for the first time, while the male risks approaching his offspring. When she realizes that her puppies are threatened, she is ready to intervene to protect them from the dangers she believes pose to them.

the best solution: sterilization

sterilization will be the best solution to end the conflict between males and females. For a man, this will reduce the aggression associated with excessive testosterone before the age of one year. In females, the purpose of inhibiting body temperature is to avoid this pressure on men.


females are sterilized by ovariectomyIE (oophorectomy) or ovarian hysterectomy (ovaries and hysterectomy).

these convenient procedures are also designed to protect animals from reproductive system tumors and prostate problems.

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