How is the progress of dog bone disease treatment?

The treatment of Illustration : "Comment se déroule une séance d'ostéopathie pour chien ?" and

dog bone disease usually lasts from 45 minutes to 1 hour. It is provided by veterinarians trained in bone diseases or bone doctors who have graduated from professional institutions and passed the ability test organized by the Veterinary Association.


the first stage of dog bone disease treatment: medical history, the second stage: observation, the third stage: bone disease diagnosis, the fourth stage and the last stage: bone disease treatment

Do you know the benefits of bone disease on dog health? Do you want to share it? Do you want to know how this practice, originally designed to take care of humans, applies to our pets? Well, please note that just as our bone disease treatment is divided into four stages, dog bone disease treatment includes: history, observation, diagnosis and treatment. Let’s look at these steps in more detail. The first stage of

dog bone disease conversation: medical history the initial stage of

dog bone disease consultation is medical history. This is the first contact, during which the practitioner will collect as much animal information as possible.

The orthopaedic surgeon takes time to talk to the dog’s owner, first to know the reason for the consultation, and then to know what causes the quadruped to suffer. The owner is asked to describe the symptoms of his four legged companion. The doctor also asked about the animal’s history, any past diseases, whether surgery had been performed or currently receiving any treatment. Any information that helps orthopedics doctors get into the track is good until the suspicion is confirmed by dog observation and palpation.

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observation step 2 is for patients with bone disease to carefully observe dogs. The purpose is to study the shape and posture of animals. This analysis is performed first when the dog is stationary and then in dynamic mode, i.e. when in motion. In this observation phase, the purpose of


is to understand the possible postural imbalance, movement and movement difficulties,

stage III: bone disease diagnosis

the next stage is bone disease diagnosis, which is realized by doctors through palpation and testing.

It will try to detect areas in the dog’s body characterized by tension, pain and imbalance.

then, patients with bone disease began to look for areas of lack of activity in joints and tissues.

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step 4 and final step: bone disease treatment

“Once the intervention area is determined through the diagnostic phase, the orthopaedic surgeon can choose manual technology to provide correct care. Massage, manipulation, stretching… Each movement will be carried out in a precise and targeted manner.

then he will provide the dog owner with meeting minutes and final suggestions and instructions for further rehabilitationIMAR. Dogs usually rest for a few days after treatment to have time to restore balance. During this time, strong efforts are not allowed. “

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