Abandoned in a parking lot, this bitch mourned her owners for 9 days without ever wanting to be saved

Abandoned in a parking lot, a dog screamed in distress for more than a week, until a volunteer came to her aid. His rescue was not yet acquired, however, because the animal remained very suspicious.

According to the SPA , more than 100,000 animals are abandoned in France each year. They are not only confronted with loneliness and fear when they are left to their own devices, but they also suffer from trauma that becomes difficult to erase later. This is what a dog called Samantha experienced , and whose story takes place not in France, but in the United States.

Samantha had been abandoned by her family in a parking lot in Memphis , Tennessee. Since then, she kept screaming , as much to express her dismay as to call for help , says I Love My Dog So Much . Motorists passed without paying much attention to him. A situation that lasted 9 days , until the arrival of Mary Murphy .

Patience and love, keys to Samantha’s transformation

The latter helps dogs in difficulty with its association Arrow Dog Rescue . She expected a difficult intervention, but not to this point. Samantha didn’t let herself be approached at all, let alone touched . The volunteer had to wait another 3 and a half days , but her patience paid off . What made it easier was the fact that she was accompanied by her dog . Seeing her fellow man, Samantha became less suspicious .

Mary Murphy was able to take her to the shelter , where the entire team took care of her and helped her feel loved and safe . Arrow Dog Rescue shared his story via his Facebook page, following which many people expressed their wish to adopt him .

A loving family was thus found for the dog. Her new masters also showed perseverance, as Samantha was still traumatized by her abandonment. With the time and kindness of her owners, she has learned to trust humans again and is enjoying her whole new life .

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