Dog trainers are mobilizing to help owners and their dogs manage containment

In this period of confinement, managing your dog’s behavior is not always easy. The animal’s outings being limited and the daily life of its owner upset, signs of discomfort can appear in both. The dog trainers of the White Movement offer to come to their aid on a voluntary basis.

Adeline Schüler is a behavioral educator established in Labruguière , commune of Tarn, and is part of the team of 5 educators responsible for centralizing the requests of people encountering difficulties with their dogs during confinement . As reported by La Dépêche du Midi , in fact, hundreds of professionals stand ready to provide help and support to owners who are struggling to cope with this unprecedented situation. They thus joined the “ White Movement ”.

The latter was launched by Catherine Collignon , a specialist in dog training with an international reputation. Aware of the fact that the health crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic is impacting the daily life and state of mind of dogs and their owners, she has decided to come to their aid alongside her counterparts practicing in the 4 corners from the country.

The White Movement dog trainers are ready to advise and support owners in difficulty, but also to take care of their animals if they are unavailable for health reasons , free of charge . Concretely, the dog can be placed in a safe place and the solidarity educator takes care of him until his master is restored.

However, it is specified on the Facebook page of the White Movement that walks are not insured .

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On the said page, we see, moreover, that many people all over France volunteer to keep the pets of people who are struggling to take care of them at the moment. These are both individuals and professionals with exemptions to travel and provide home care. A kind of spontaneous solidarity mobilization which is added to this White Movement .


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