How to prevent his dog from eating anything

Illustration : "Comment empêcher son chien de manger tout ce qui traîne"

walking with a dog or dog must be a common pleasure, but sometimes walking will become a real Calvary, because your dog sniffs and swallows things on the floor most of the time? It’s the same at home. Your dog will collect anything, whether they can eat or not. Why is your dog a mobile vacuum cleaner and the most important thing is how to avoid it? Let’s try to figure out what happened and how to solve the problem.


why does your dog collect everything? How to avoid this behavior? What about adult dogs? Why does your dog pick up things? The phenomenon of

, which collects everything it finds, is a behavior learned by your dog in its infancy. This is normal in dogs. It helps them find and understand their surroundings. However, if this method of discovery becomes more and more common, so that your dog spends more time on the ground than on the ground,


must also emphasize that dogs are the main victims of poisoning (chemicals, fertilizers, etc.) and digestive foreign bodies (toys, socks and anything you can drag) because you need to taste, chew and find things in the channel.

how to avoid this behavior?

In order to limit accidental ingestion of toxic substances or substances, you must treat your puppy like a child to protect its environment. The whole family must realize that your puppy is fragile, so we won’t put anything outside (easy to say). There is no food (beware of chocolate…), don’t put socks on the floor. Be careful of children’s toys. These toys are not designed to resist the dog’s small fangs.

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But unfortunately, that’s not enough. You have to educate it and teach it “no” and “you leave”. Like all early learning – cleaning, solitude… – you have to teach your puppy not to touch. Don’t expect it to work from the beginning, you have to train it and don’t forget “KDSPE”“KDSPS” Put a croquet in front of your dog and repeat the command “you leave” in a firm tone, but don’t shout. If he wants to get the croquet back, bring it back. When he seems to give up, congratulate him and give him a candy. After a period of time, your dog will “you leave” and Positive action: candy! Kdspe! What about adult dogs? In fact, this behavior has not been corrected since the dog was very young. The vacuum cleaner is on the road, you are walking, and the old hamburger on the floor has just been swallowed. You should expect that you know your dog is a vacuum cleaner… When you see your dog Nge tried to swallow something, just like the dog “you stay”, in a straightforward tone.


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Don’t use long sentences that mean nothing to your dog. “I said no, Kiki, you leave. I told you not to pick up everything! Nonsense!” the dog got lost. If he was lucky, he would catch “you leave”, but it’s not guaranteed.

Take time to educate your dog. Patience and time are the best assets in this case. The most important thing is not to give up!

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