Teach his dog to walk the dog on a leash

Illustration : "Apprendre son chien à se promener en laisse"


master the necklace. Wear it from a quiet place to define its position next to you. Don’t let its dog lead the dance to reward your dog. Summarize

, which is a privileged moment between the owner and the dog, A simple walk can quickly turn into a nightmare. Because outside, your precious pet may be tempted by all kinds of temptations (other dogs, walkers…). In order to alleviate these possible troubles, which are as dangerous to you as your dog, these valuable suggestions must be combined.

master wearing necklace

your dog should not develop bad habits. In fact, hiking must start from a very young age. However, before you respond to the temptation of the outside world to meet your pet’s game, it must perfectly master the art of wearing a necklace.

is a prerequisite for starting. To do this, choose a nylon necklace. Avoid using plastic clips as the closing mode. The latter remains quite fragile. So bend down and get the metal buckle necklace. For comfort, don’t ignore the existence of foam. Your dog will feel more comfortable, just as he will like a long enough belt.

you can also teach your dog to walk with a belt. Then, you must choose a so-called education, not a traction seat belt, to avoid pulling. Don’t use a leash because she teaches the dog when to pull, so when the dog wants its owner to go. In short, choosing the right materials makes your trip easier.

starts in a quiet place,

carries Parker on his shoulder, and the dog is tied to a crowded and noisy street? forget it! For the first time, choose your garden or a fairly quiet street. Your dog needs your voice to focus. Therefore, these introductory courses must be short 3-4 times a day. Your puppy will soon be tired and his attention will drop sharply.

put yourself in a place without trivial distractions (passers-by, other dogs, playground, children…) to establish a symbiotic relationship with your partner. Remember, in order to be well trained, your dog must fulfill its needs and smell it!

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your dog doesn’t like to change his habits. From the moment you learn to walk, you must tell her which side she belongs to. The left often enjoys privileges. This can protect your dog from the road because usually you have to walk facing the car.

the distance between you and your dog should not hinder his smell, environmental awareness and confidence. She shouldn’t be too important, so she should keep abreast of the situation.

won’t let her dog dance

to make things clear. Your dog must adapt to you. Your dog shouldn’t think it’s possible to take you where he wants to go and pull you with his belt. So he shouldn’t take you for a walk. Put it next to you. If he overtakes you, don’t wait until he turns in the opposite direction he wants to go. He’ll pay more and more attention to you. Please don’t hesitate to repeat the exercise so that he will soon learn to pay attention to your actions.

if he stops, it will take some time to start again? Don’t push him. He’ll take risks.Socier put her in an unhappy situation. Keep calm and patient. Slowly, it will move forward at your speed. On the other hand, you can stimulate it by patting your thigh, which is called “on your foot!”. Kdspe rewards your dog. Kdsps positive reinforcement is based on motivation and merit. With exciting rewards, every walk will increase your chances of seeing your dog learn faster.


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to educate his dog and consider putting some candy in his pocket. Commendable rewards, as well as caress and congratulations: “good feet”. Kdspe is

in short. Don’t think it’s fun to teach your dog (or puppy) to walk. In order to get this happiness, you must accept some setbacks and difficulties. Listen patiently to your dog’s needs and desires. Show consistency, patience and understanding. “

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