20 dogs who perfectly simulate innocence

Dogs have a real gift for drama. Especially when it comes to faking their innocence, as can be seen in these photos.

Dog owners know their pets can always innovate when it comes to messing around. Indeed, our canine friends are particularly creative in this area. Just as they have mastered the art of pretending they had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Here are 20 photos of dogs who simulate their innocence very well.

1. This King Charles Spaniel took aim at pumps he claims to have never seen

2. In order to find the trace of these 2 accomplices, it is enough to follow the cotton balls spread out in the garden.

3. He carries a pot of yogurt in his mouth while playing innocent. This dog is daring

4. He destroys the plant pot and falls asleep nearby to better emphasize his victory.

5. This Australian Shepherd refuses to confess his crime

6. Any object on the living room table will automatically be sniffed, chewed and ultimately destroyed by the dog.

7. His owner was very fond of the shoes which were brutally attacked by the dog, but he also melts for his cute pout.

8. This Dachshund has unrolled the entire ball of yarn. Yet he refuses to look at her and confess his guilt

9. He does not see what his owner is talking about at all and has not stolen any pastries.

10. This puppy is visibly feeling guilty but he won’t admit it

11. The joy that we can read on the face of this dog reflects the pride he feels at having put this pillow on the ground.

12. This Golden Retriever has no idea what happened to the socks at all. Besides, he was sleeping

13. After destroying his mistress’s flowery thongs, this Labrador puppy admires his work, lying under the coffee table

14. Just because he has the garbage can lid stuck around the back of his neck doesn’t mean he was searching it, said the dog. His defense holds up well

15. The old dog thought the birthday party had already started

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16. This sofa is good for the trash, and the puppy doesn’t seem to be complaining.

17. Everyone must find their vocation in life. For this you have to try different things, like gardening

18. He discovered that his kibbles were in cardboard paper that did not resist his canines or his claws.

19. No, this dog has no idea what happened to the blue pen

20. The dog did not find them so pretty


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