16 photos that illustrate all the strength and courage of dog mothers

The bitches and their young form a really touching picture. These photos show them in all their states.

Bitches are excellent mothers for their young. However, they can sometimes be tired of seeing their litter fidget or suck. They remain nonetheless benevolent and full of love . They are especially very touching to see.

Here are 16 pictures of bitches with their litters.

1. A Chihuahua mother who decides to become the family’s little protégé again and let her little one learn to fend for himself

2. The moments of play between this Golden Retriever dog and her little one are endless.

3. Communication between a bitch and her cub

4. She laughs when she sees that she has given birth to a puppy that promises to be hilarious.

5. A very serious discussion between a bitch and her cub

6. Tired, this mother slips away for a moment under the table

7. Husky parents watching over their young

8. She admires the multitude of little Corgi she has given birth

9. Hairballs, each more adorable than the next, have been created thanks to this Chow Chow dog.

10. This bitch finds that her puppies spend too much time indulging in their favorite activity, suckling her.

11. She comes to her senses after childbirth while her young are feeding.

12. Adoption is just as spectacular. This lactating bitch takes a kitten under her wing

13. This bitch hadn’t prepared to have so many

14. They feel so good around their mother that they fall asleep on her head.

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15. This brave mother did not expect to have so many cubs running between her paws either.

16. Her little one plays with her like in a playground, and she takes patience patiently.


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