Brave man takes the plunge to save his dog from the jaws of an alligator (video)

Seeing his dog attacked by an alligator trying to take him underwater, Mike McCoy did not hesitate for a single second to help him, despite the danger he was running himself. His intervention earned him a bite, but above all it allowed him to save the life of his 4-legged friend.

Jake , a chocolate-coated Labrador Retriever, now wears a veterinary collar and several stitches that he would have been fine without, but the situation could have been worse for him, without the courageous intervention of his master. A story reported by People .

ABC Action News / YouTube

On May 11, Mike McCoy was taking Jake for a walk in Holiday , Florida. They were passing near a pond when an alligator emerged. He grabbed the dog and tried to take him to the depths of the body of water.

A scene attended by Kellie Mallon , a college teacher near the pond. From her classroom window, she was as shocked by the violence of the attack as by its speed. She compared the action of the crocodilian to that of a snake.

The man acted like a hero to save his dog, despite the danger

Kellie Mallon also expressed her admiration for the heroism shown by Mike McCoy . The man jumped into the water without hesitation to rescue his dog.

Jake’s owner says, among other things, that he stuck his thumb into the alligator’s eye and tried to lift it out of the water to prevent it from wandering away with its pet. What the reptile reacted to by biting it in the hand.

Eventually, Mike McCoy managed to bring Jake back to shore, as the alligator retreated. The man was treated by the college nurse and his dog by a veterinarian. Both are doing well.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission , the alligator in question is between 2 and 3 meters. The government agency is working with trappers to remove it from the pond and transfer it further into its natural environment.

ABC Action News / YouTube

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The authorities ask residents to be careful and avoid approaching the body of water, especially at this time of year when the temperature is rising.


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