The traumatic ordeal of a stray dog who fell into a manhole

Paradoxically, the mishap experienced by a stray dog gave him a new start. Discovered at the bottom of a manhole cover, he was rescued and taken care of. He is now waiting to be adopted.

A stray dog who fell into a manhole has been rescued and is now ready to experience a new stage in his life, as reported by Bracknell News .

It was discovered last May by a passerby at the bottom of the cave somewhere in the district of Bracknell Forest , in the south of England. The witness then called the local fire department, those of the Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service .

Rescuers quickly arrived on the scene and one of them went down into the manhole. He was able to retrieve it safe and sound, then bring it to the surface.

Dogs Trust Newbury & Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service

Next step: adoption

The fact that he found himself trapped in this way ultimately served him well, as he was able to receive veterinary care and be comforted after his long period of wandering.

Dogs Trust Newbury & Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service

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Zero reveals his endearing personality to volunteers a little more every day, as he learns to trust them. Jenny Hopkins says he loves food and hanging out his toys all over the place.

Dogs Trust Newbury is now in the process of finding him a new family.


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