Officers explore dark subway tracks to try to locate injured puppy

A dog has gone through a frightening ordeal, which no owner would wish for her little protégé. The animal fled and got lost in the dark and dangerous tunnels of the New York subway …

Loppy was having fun in a park in Brooklyn with her walker, when she slipped off her leash and ran away. Frightened, the dog rushed to a place familiar to her and her mistress: the New York subway. The duo actually used to borrow it every day.

Loppy rushed inside, certainly hoping to meet his owner’s reassuring face. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find it.

Panicked, she jumped on the rails and disappeared into the dark.

© NYPD Transit

The searches lasted 1h30

On hearing the news, the city’s police and public transport management services responded quickly. The metro trains had to stop their course for an hour and a half, reports Dogheirs . Local authorities have thus explored kilometers of dark tunnels to try to find the vagrant.

Caroline Brown , the owner of Loppy , alerted by the walker, waited with anguish for the return of her 4-legged companion. Over an hour later, the good news fell: an officer spotted the dog. The unfortunate woman was frozen, dirty, terrified as well as hurt in the face.

© NYPD Transit

Caroline Brown was more than relieved to hug her again after going through such a terrible ordeal.

© NYPD Transit

The New Yorker thanked the users on Facebook who waited patiently in the subway, throughout the rescue operation.

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© Caroline Brown

Today, the bitch is doing well. Her family watches over her and coaxes her. His mishap in the metro is no more than a distant memory …


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