Homeopathic treatment of dog diseases

Illustration : "L'homéopathie pour soigner les maladies du chien"

although traditional veterinary treatment is still essential in many cases, homeopathic drugs are considered to be a good supplement to these drugs. They can mildly relieve some symptoms without side effects. Dog homeopathy is an alternative therapy and natural therapy.


homeopathy in short, dog diseases can be treated with homeopathy

. This method has its supporters and critics, but everyone seems to agree that it is safe anyway.

homeopathy uses several words

homeopathy has long been used to treat small problems in human daily life. Recently, people’s interest in it has greatly increased, as has a variety of alternative or alternative medical practices. But homeopathy is not unique to humans. Dogs are also treated with homeopathy. They are usually complementary to the treatment of antagonistic therapy. In fact, most veterinarians point out that homeopathy and other forms of alternative therapy can not replace drug treatment and surgery in the case of serious diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. Homeopathy is based on three basic principles:


: what causes symptoms and diseases can also be overcome. The premise is that the compound is treated in a way that eliminates safety. This leads to the second principle:


: substances are diluted many times to remove toxic compounds. Ch on homeopathic drugs refers to the word “centesimal hahnemanian”. This means diluting the substance 100 times in a row.

personalization: if homeopathy produces satisfactory results in one person, there is no guarantee that another person will get the same results. Homeopathic care must almost be adjusted to specific circumstances. In addition, the overall situation of the caregiver must be taken into account. This also applies to dogs.

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can be used to treat bone and active diseases: homeopathy is used to reduce pain associated with rheumatism and osteoarthritis, whether it is elderly dogs, sports dogs or traumatic dogs.

respiratory diseases: asthma is one of the diseases treated by homeopathy, especially through ipeca.

digestive system problems: swelling, diarrhea, Constipation and other digestive diseases are treated with homeopathy. Nux vomitus helps reduce vomiting.

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nervous system diseases and behavioral problems: dog stress and anxiety, hyperactivity, aggression,

urinary diseases: cystitis, kidney problems… Cantharidin is an example of homeopathic treatment of these diseases.

skin problems: dog skin allergyHomeopathy can treat. Mellifica API is one of the common solutions in this field.

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