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in addition to the pure sports appearance, the dog’s sports aims to promote the dog’s progress from many aspects such as body, psychology and relationship. This is a good way to strengthen your accomplice, meet his energy consumption needs, and listen to his body. There are many dog sports. You don’t know which one to choose?

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dog sports are developing and diversifying. More and more associations and institutions plan to organize, guide and promote these activities, which have brought great benefits to dogs themselves and dog owners.

dog sports benefits

dog sports will develop dogs’ physical and intellectual abilities. This will strengthen your complicity and understanding. Dog activity is a special moment in the relationship between the owner and the dog. This is also a time to relax. This is an interesting moment for you to give your dog an extra dog education. This makes your dog learn some commands unconsciously.

dog sport is a sport for learning, educating and socializing pets. Some are even better than other stricter or more serious educational methods. An energetic dog can guide itself according to exercise. Other people who don’t like community life can learn to communicate and help each other with their peers in the relay race.


agility refers to providing dogs with an obstacle route that must be overcome as soon as possible. In this type of test, animals must negotiate a series of interrelated elements. They can be slopes, single or double columns (oxer), rigid or flexible tunnels, columns (slewing test), tires, viaducts (or walls), or swings. The goal is to seek skills from the dog in terms of speed, flexibility and coordination.

your goal is to encourage your pet throughout the process. If your pet doesn’t obey you, it may be very tired. In France, dogs who want to participate in agile competition are divided into four categories according to the size of tourniquet: less than 37cm, more than 37cm, less than 47cm and more than 47cm It is connected to its owner by a rope about 2 meters long. This elastic band hangs on your waist and seat belt, allowing you to evolve in perfect penetration. The purpose is to move a certain distance (intersection) between


. These two parts draw a route in advance on various more or less rugged terrain: forest path, country path, health path, etc. It usually ranges from 1.5k to 9km, depending on the configuration of the track and the physical ability of the dog and the dog owner.

canicyclocross is a bicycle variant of canicross: therefore, it is not running, but practicing on mountain bikes.

are two disciplines, Dogs are always in front of their owners. The retractable belt is slightly longer in canicyclocross (2.5 meters instead of 2 meters) and is a mandatory device because the dog must always be connected to the runner. So is the safety belt, which provides animals with more freedom and comfort. As for the owner, he wears a shoulder strap or belt around his waist.

field experiment

is mainly aimed at dogs. Its purpose is to compareThe natural characteristics of different Spaniels: nose, appearance, determination and endurance may also be related. By the way, dog performance allows us to detect people who can provide gifted Hunter lineage as breeders. Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about

, a relay sport. Your dog must jump a four hedge track at full speed. Then, when he reaches the end, he must press some automatic device to trigger the ejection of a ball. He must catch it in flight and then take it back to his master. This requires coordination, intelligence, adaptability and continuous training. Of course, the fact that the sport is played as a team must enable your dog to socialize. He developed his reaction ability and jumping ability, so his dexterity.

dog Frisbee

from a simple Frisbee throw, the dog only needs to recover to the most complex number. These movements are usually accompanied by acrobatics, resulting in a very spectacular performance and real dance, where the dog and its owner perfectly coordinate their actions.


The ring combines a series of obedience and bite tests to assess the dog’s ability in both areas. All this is carried out in a closed space, so it is named. The sport is divided into three stages: the first stage, the second stage and the third stage. Your dog must have a defensive dog certificate to enter the first stage.

this is an evaluation of the dressage steps and is ranked according to the scores of the judges. The latter records the dog’s performance in relaxation training (after belt or muzzle, report…), jumping (fence, hedge…) and biting (owner’s defense, frontal attack, escape attack…). Your dog must obey rhythmic dance. This sport came to us directly from northern Europe and achieved some success. So that the European and world championships have begun. You need to train a perfect pair of dancers with your dog in the background of music. The choreographer must be original, composed of characters more difficult than others, without wrong notes. It develops your dog’s training, its obedience, its reflex, its flexibility. In addition, due to the large number of visitors, your dog will develop its social skills. The game and visual chase on the bait


are mainly greyhound. These varieties are really suitable for competition and their speed is amazing. These speed tests are carried out on a track, which is a track on grass or sand, with eight dogs running behind the bait. Therefore, he was the first person to cross the finish line and was selected as the winner of the race.


also read that the French canicross


is a very popular sport in the polar regions. The driver, or Mosher, stood on a sled pulled by a Nordic dog. The latter are usually Haski and malamut. Before it became a sport, it was the way these residents traveled. Today, it helps to strengthen the socialization between dogs, teach them to run together and listen to each other.

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