Pawell, food supplements to relieve your pet sustainably and naturally

Illustration : "Pawell, des compléments alimentaires pour soulager durablement et naturellement son animal de compagnie"

Allow your pet to benefit from a better quality of life, reduce his medication intake, gain mobility … A young brand offers innovative products to achieve this naturally.”

This is a novelty in the animal welfare market. Pawell, a French company created by dog and cat enthusiasts, offers CBD products to relieve a variety of disorders. It ranges from anxiety and joint pain to aggression and intestinal problems.”

” Chronic pain, malaise, your pet may be concerned

Dogs and cats that suffer are more numerous than we think. Their ailments can be of various natures and have equally varied causes.”

Anxiety, in its various forms, affects one in 3 dogs. There has also been a 66% increase in animal arthritis over the past 10 years in the elderly. In addition, intestinal problems have increased by 50% in the last 5 years.”

The creators of the Pawell brand, including a veterinarian, wanted to bring a natural solution to these pets. Among them, Timothé saw his disappear from cancer at the age of 17 and after a long period of suffering. Like all masters who love their animals, he would have given everything to lighten his pain and allow him to better live his last days. For him, CBD would have helped with great help in this regard.”

What is CBD?

Timothé and the rest of the team that founded Pawell rely on CBD to develop and offer food supplements and foods that significantly reduce stress, pain and mobility disorders in dogs and cats.”

CBD is none other than cannabidiol, a chemical naturally present in hemp. The latter differs from cannabis, a plant belonging to the same family, by the infinitesimal amount of psychoactive molecule THC it contains; less than 0.2% in this case. Cannabidiol from full-spectrum hemp therefore provides benefits without the adverse effects associated with cannabis.”

In Pawell products, it is combined with healthy, organic and top-quality ingredients, acting synergistically in the animal’s body and offering optimal efficiency.”

The solutions offered by the brand are natural, without side effects or addiction. They are laboratory tested and approved by veterinarians.”

” What benefits for our dogs and cats?

The hemp oil rich in CBD and natural active ingredients developed by Pawell has multiple virtues, especially for young animals and seniors.”

” For the puppy and kitten: reduction of separation anxiety, noise-related stress and aggressive behaviors, strengthening of natural defenses, participation in the balance of the intestinal microbiota, support of skin and hair health. For the elderly dog and cat: reduction of joint discomfort, improvement of mobility, reduction of chronic pain, stimulation of appetite, support of the immune system, relief of symptoms related to cancer and chemotherapy, prevention of epileptic seizures.

In general, Pawell CBD products reduce the need for medication, including painkillers. This prevents the animals concerned from suffering the side effects.”

CBD: what does science say?

The famous veterinarian and animal behaviorist Thierry Bedossa has seen first-eye the effectiveness of CBD in the management of chronic pain, epilepsy and especially anxiety and aggression. He cites the example of Kid, a 16-year-old dog who had […] night terrors related to post-traumatic stress disorder. Thanks to a CBD treatment, the senior canine now enjoys normal sleep and has regained a rather amazing shape for a Labrador of his age, he says.

Further testimonies about the relevance of this natural solution are provided by scientific studies. One of them found an 80% decrease in pain in dogs with arthritis (Gamble et al. 2018).”

Another demonstrated the anti-stress effects of CBD on dogs and cats (Mello Schier et al. 2012).”

In addition, 2 out of 3 veterinarians recommend the use of CBD products (Kogan et al. 2019).”

” Where to find Pawell wellness products and in what forms?

Pawell offers its dog and cat products in the form of oil, pâtées, treats, terrines and spray.”

The vials are in formats 1250, 2500 and 3500 mg. The sprays are flavoured with salmon for cats and are administered either directly into the animal’s mouth or into its diet.”

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Pawell pies are wet recipes with pure beef or pure chicken, without synthetic additives or carbohydrates.”

The brand also makes available to canine and feline owners treats with beef raised in the Swiss Alps.”

The full range of Pawell CBD-based animal welfare solutions can be found on the brand’s website.”

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