Courteney Cox’s dogs rescued by motorist after ending up on a highway

Backgrid / TMZ

The 2 dogs of American actress Courteney Cox were rescued by a user of the Pacific Coast Highway, a busy highway. The quadrupeds had ventured near their mistress’s house, before finding themselves on the expressway where they risked being run over at any time.

Actress, producer and director Courteney Cox was very scared for her 2 dogs , but luckily they are back and safe at her home thanks to a motorist , as reported by the TMZ website.

The incident took place last week, Wednesday, November 20. That day, while it was raining, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels of the longtime Monica in the Friends series had apparently escaped from her home in Malibu , California. Their mistress tried to catch up with them before they ended up on the Pacific Coast Highway , but to no avail.

At any time, the dogs were in danger of being run over by one of the many vehicles speeding through this lane. It was there that a driver, who saw the pair of animals and their owner chasing them after, immediately stopped to come to their aid. He got out of his car and quickly managed to grab the dogs .

In the video released by TMZ , the man in question is clearly seen handing over the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to the grateful Birmingham , Alabama native.

Courteney Cox’s dogs are safe and sound . No doubt she will ensure that this kind of getaway does not happen again.

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