Teach dogs how to deal with setbacks

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frustrations are common in dogs. Their consequences may lead to various unwelcome behaviors and, of course, make dogs unhappy. What can be done to help depressed dogs?

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why teach dogs how to deal with depression? How to teach his dog to deal with setbacks? Meeting the needs of dogs consistency of resource management attitude

teaching dogs how to deal with frustration is very important to promote the good integration of dogs in the family and the whole society.

why teach dogs how to deal with frustration?

for a dog, learning how to deal with frustration will enable him to accept staying at home alone, accepting that everything is not allowed and waiting, but most importantly, this learning will enable him to understand a basic concept in Education: giving up is victory!

in fact, in order to establish a cooperative relationship between the owner and the dog, the most important thing is to respect the rules of giving / giving. Dogs should not learn to insist on getting. On the contrary, they should learn to give up to win.

. In addition, frustration is a very important emotion that needs guidance, because if we can’t control it, even we humans, In order to get a bag of candy, we will be furious in the supermarket. Of course, it is totally inconsistent or unacceptable to evolve in a civilized way in our society… The same is true for our dogs. If dogs are not taught how to deal with frustration, it may have a significant impact on daily life, because many behavioral disorders may be caused by improper handling of this emotion.

in my opinion, the learning of frustration management is long-term, although practical practice can strengthen this learning (“stay”, “you leave”, “give up practice / game, etc.), It is in daily life that through the repetition and consistency of attitude, the dog’s frustration will become an emotion that will not lead to behavioral disorders.

here are three aspects in which your attitude and commitment will have an impact on the correct management of dog frustration:

Meet the needs of dogs

in order to make your dog sometimes agree to be depressed and not always get what he wants, you must meet his basic needs (of course), his consumer needs and social needs.

If you don’t interact with your animal and don’t let it meet its needs, you won’t get any reward for cooperation. That’s right!

therefore, to meet the needs of dogs:

receives suggestions from woopets through registered newsletters. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about providing him with high-quality and customized food, providing him with a comfortable shelter (basket, transport box, etc.), taking him out every day, even if you have a big garden to play with him (Educational Game conducive to quitting smoking) Let your dog often meet his companions physically and mentally, and provide him with a safe environment in the way of smell. Kdsps resource management is also an important aspect, which will enable your dog to learn how to deal with daily frustrations, This is resource management.

to do this, you need food, space and contact devron

of course, for dogs without behavior problems, the management of these resources may be lighter and less strict. However, for a dog with serious behavior disorder, especially the behavior disorder caused by frustration and poor management, there are several points that need to be adjusted as follows:

food management: your dog must eat alone once or twice a day for at least 15 minutes (whether the game is completed, exit after 15 minutes) Self service is not only to keep the dog waiting before being satisfied, but also to avoid possible stomach discomfort. Then, your dog should not beg, especially when you are at the dinner table, he should give up / wait for you to offer this request Contact management: like food, the owner decides when to interact with the dog, especially when to end the contact. When the dog wants to contact, it will find it difficult to deal with. Space management: your dog must have its own space. When you don’t want it to follow you everywhere, you must respect your space. Any dog should have a place, a basket or a transport box RT, in a corner of the room, where it will not be disturbed, it can find shelter. In order to manage space, your dog must know how to go to its place according to orders.

simply put, your dog can have all the freedom in the world as long as you are not affected by them.

Consistency of

attitude you have understood that all this is a matter of initiative. As a master, you must keep consistent every day, so that your dog can accept you without restraint or submission and regard you as a recommender.

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Of course, I am not referring to any form of rule, but a guiding role to promote good integration within the family, so as to finally achieve more harmonious cohabitation and more appropriate interaction (meaning: unaffected). Then, in addition to being consistent in managing your dog’s resources, you must also learn to listen to your dog and meet his expectations, needs and desires, but don’t force him to do so. For example, if you see that your dog wants to contact you, it is because he wants to contact you. If it is not necessary, you are the one who can calm him down and meet this expectation. However, in the long run, it will be interesting and productive for the dog waiting for you to move on (let him give up). Then call him and interact with him so that you can meet his desires while maintaining your initiative. “

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