A happy face-to-face between a baby and a dog goes viral, the latter’s reaction to seeing himself on TV too

Angela Lally Labat / Facebook

Bronn the dog couldn’t contain his excitement seeing himself on TV while playing with Liam, his owner’s child.

On April 27, Angela Lally Labat , who lives in Houma in the State of Louisiana (southern United States), posted a video that quickly met with huge success on Facebook, with tens of thousands of views to be won. . But the sequel to the sequence has also gone viral , as The Dodo recounts.

It all started with that minute and a half of pure happiness between his son Liam and his dog Bronn . In this video, the baby and his four-legged friend are playing . Bronn adopts the classic dog play posture, the front of the body close to the ground and the rear up, while wagging his tail and barking . Facing him, Liam is on all fours, walks towards him and laughs out loud in reaction to the animal’s movements and voice.

The publication caught the attention of a TV channel , which devoted a short report the next day. When it aired, Bronn was right in front of the screen . Her reaction to seeing herself on television also went viral, her mistress having filmed her as well.

But it was not over yet. The channel took note of this last sequence and spoke about it again the same day , as can be seen below. Bronn has become a star without knowing it. This is the magic of social networks …

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