What is the health insurance premium for dogs?

With , Illustration : "Quel est le coût d'une assurance santé pour chien ?",

, the cost of dog health insurance may vary from company to company. This depends on the formula and options selected and the particularity of the dog.


formula and insurance coverage select the basic contract high-end contract dog variety

. Generally speaking, you can purchase 10 euros of health insurance for your dog every month, However, this amount may increase significantly. The calculation of the cost of health insurance for dogs depends on several criteria.

selects the insurance formula and type.

there are many options for health insurance for dogs.

basic contract

They usually include the cost of daily veterinary care or surgery.

this type of dog health insurance is the cheapest. Therefore, in case of disease or accident, some veterinary care expenses can be reimbursed: consultation, visit, Nursing, pharmacy, X-ray, ultrasound, hospitalization, surgery… Preventive expenses of


(vaccine, sterilization, castration, dental care…) can also be covered by dog health insurance

, high-end contract

and other types of dog health insurance, Higher end products include other options that may be particularly useful. For example, expenditures related to specific foods can be compensated. Other insurance companies may offer accidental death benefits.

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options and you can go further in specific situations, including the help desk. If you can’t transport your pet, you can give your dog to your relatives or place it in a shelter. If your pet is lost, the insurance company will provide you with


services. Of course, we will choose more “complex” services, The higher the monthly amount of dog health insurance, not all breeds of


are equal in the face of disease, and the demand for health insurance is also different. Some breeds of dogs are prone to certain diseases, diseases and abnormalities.

most large dog breeds, such as German dogs or Berne shepherds, may suffer from hip dysplasia. Other breeds of dogs are more susceptible to gastric torsion or dilation. Especially Rottweilers and boxers.

also found more cases of otitis media in dogs with long ear ptosis, such as Brachet in Germany, brake in France, Griffon nivernais, Leonberger and setter Gordon. As for dogs with flat faces (carlins, Pekingese, French Bulldogs, etc.), they may have breathing problems. All of these require targeted veterinary care and can be expensive. Therefore, the insurance company will provide you with a formula more suitable for risk and a higher maximum repayment limit. Of course, these formulas require higher contributions.

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