Sick dog why insurance is useful?

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Our dogs are not immune to illness or accidents. When that happens, we owe it to ourselves to ensure that these full members of our families receive the best care. To help us cope with the expenses associated with it, dog insurance is particularly suitable.”

Dog health insurance allows significant savings on the costs inherent in care, whether planned or unforeseen. Expenses that make the budget less, but that are essential to protect those we love.”

” The health of the dog: a substantial budget to be provided

Health represents today the second item of expenditure after feeding among French dog owners. The average annual total cost of veterinary consultations, medicines and other care is of the order of 225 euros per canid. Expenses that can reach very high levels when the animal becomes seriously ill, is the victim of an accident or needs to receive specialized treatment or intervention.”

A fractured leg, for example, can give rise to an invoice of several hundred euros. Radiotherapy for the treatment of cancer costs within 1500 euros. In addition to this, regular care (annual veterinary consultations, dental care, etc.), vaccines and their reminders also constitute a significant budget.”

At the same time, all these treatments, whether planned or exceptional, are indispensable. Who wouldn’t want their dog to live the longest and happiest life possible? Who wouldn’t want to provide their 4-legged friend with real protection in the event of illness or incident?”

The equation seems complicated to solve, especially when we know that the health costs of the dog have only increased in recent years and that this trend is destined to continue during the next ones. However, it is possible to reconcile quality care and the preservation of purchasing power. Dog insurance and dog insurance are an excellent solution. Click here to learn more.”

” Dog insurance: caring for your companion while controlling your expenses

As we have seen above, the dog can only enjoy optimal health and well-being if it is subject to real veterinary monitoring throughout its life. The quality of care is paramount, and this also concerns that provided in the event of a big unforeseen event.”

Dog health insurance provides peace of mind, as long as you know that you can offer your pet the necessary care without being afraid of running out of funds or emptying your wallet.”

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The principle of dog insurance is the same as for health insurance for humans. For a periodic contribution (usually monthly), the owner of the dog benefits from the partial or total reimbursement of the costs incurred to care for it. Depending on the formula, the master benefits from the management of veterinary consultations, routine care, hospitalization, surgical interventions, vaccines, deworming, medications … Small extras, which are also important, can also be included, such as descaling, food supplements, sterilization, boarding costs and those of funeral or cremation.”

The formulas are very varied and meet the needs of each, but also the profile of the animal: puppy, adult dog, several dogs to insure, etc. The degree of coverage is therefore adapted and we no longer have to worry about his ability to guarantee his dog the veterinary accompaniment donationhe needs.”

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