Frightened by fireworks, a dog disappears for 9 months before resurfacing 150 km from his home

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Untraceable since last November, a dog reappeared this week and found his family thanks to his identification chip. The animal had run away frightened by fireworks.

Uno is safe and sound and back among his family, who had been looking for him for 9 long months, reports Swindon Advertiser this Wednesday, August 4.

This 7-year-old Yorkshire Terrier / Shih Tzu cross escaped in November 2020 from his owner Theresa McGailey’s home in Swindon . That evening, fireworks had been fired in this city located 100 km west of London . Frightened, the dog had fled through the hole in the fence caused by a traffic accident some time earlier. He hadn’t reappeared since.

Theresa McGailey wasn’t the only one affected by Uno’s runaway; his granddaughters Malachy , 11, and Shakiya , 9, were also very attached to him and nothing could console them.

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9 months of false hope and disillusionment

Their grandmother kept looking for him in the area and via social networks. Many people, both acquaintances and anonymous, supported and helped her. Local authorities too.

Released massively, his wanted advice also earned him some false hopes; people who contacted her after they thought they saw Uno , but who were wrong. As the weeks went by, Theresa McGailey was starting to get discouraged.

She experienced another disillusionment as she was very close to seeing her dog again, the latter having been seen by witnesses alongside a woman. Unfortunately, when she contacted her, the latter told her that she had handed it over to someone else in the meantime. Theresa McGailey hasn’t heard from her 4-legged friend since …

Another home, then wandering before the reunion

Until that phone call she no longer dared hope for. At the other end of the line, a manager at the Medivets veterinary clinic told him that Uno had just been welcomed. His ID chip had spoken. His interlocutor explained to him that the dog had just been discovered straying in Weymouth , about 150 kilometers from his house.

Theresa McGailey has also learned that someone else claims to be the owner of Uno . He had found it in December and decided to keep it. If the mistress of the quadruped is grateful to this person for taking care of him, she blames him for not having taken him to the vet, which would have allowed him to return it much earlier.

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Theresa McGailey / Facebook

Theresa McGailey had no trouble proving that Uno was her dog, the latter’s identification chip being proof. Not to mention that she had reported her disappearance to the local police.

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