Dog, who has spent his entire life in shackles, becomes famous on Twitter thanks to his new family

Helped by his family, the quadruped managed to overcome all these difficulties. He understood that he had nothing more to fear, that he was loved and that he would never go hungry again. Today, Levi is a healthy dog in great shape, weighing 34 kilograms, almost 2.5 times the weight he displayed when he was rescued. “ He knows how to love, and we never taught him that. It’s just who he is. It’s so beautiful, I can’t understand it. He’s just a magical creature , ”says Gisele Fetterman of him.

After the rescue, fame

Last fall, her husband gave a political interview. She posted a behind-the-scenes photo from that interview on social media, showing her family tightly knit around Levi , who put on a funny expression. It didn’t take more to make him a celebrity.

Levi of Pennsylvania / Twitter

On Twitter , where Levi has more than 20,000 followers, he is described as the “ Official Dog of Pennsylvania, ” responsible for providing “ emotional support ” to his many followers. Its daily publications are followed, commented on and relayed en masse.

A notoriety that Levi puts at the service of the well-being of his congeners. Thanks to him, funds are raised for the animal cause and lives change, literally. His Twitter account notably enabled Max , the dean of dogs at the Pennsylvania SPCA shelter, to find a family.

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Levi of Pennsylvania / Twitter </p

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