Owner shocked when he discovers his dog has fallen off a 120-meter cliff

A terrible accident took place last month on the coast of Scarborough, a town in England. During a walk on the cliffs, a man worried about the sudden disappearance of his dog, named Frank. What he discovered next shocked him.

Stewart Wragg , 63, was enjoying his vacation in Yorkshire when the drama hit. The 60-year-old, avid hiker, took the Cleveland Way, a 160-kilometer route with friends and his 5-year-old dog. During this walk, Frank disappeared.

We had arrived at the highest point, but it didn’t even occur to me that he could have gone over the edge, ” her owner told Mirror . “ I suspected him of sniffing the scent of a rabbit and chasing him. But the reality was quite different.

Frank was found by a fisherman

After an hour and a half of unsuccessful search, Stewart Wragg reported the disappearance of his four-legged companion to the authorities. Returning to his car, he received a phone call. Her heart broke when a local veterinary clinic told her they had taken care of Frank , who fell from the cliff.

The dog is still alive, despite falling from 120 meters

No one knows how Frank got there. It was found by a fisherman, wrapped in a towel and turned over to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). Nobody also knows how Frank survived a fall from 120 meters. This shocking experience left him with 2 broken legs and fewer teeth.

The importance of keeping your dog on a leash

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Deeply relieved, he took advantage of this mishap to remind other owners of the importance of keeping his dog on a leash in coastal areas.

Frank recovers over the days and is flooded with love as well as support.


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