Interested by barking, passers-by save a dog stuck under a tree without water or food!

Stuck under the vegetation for several days, a senior dog was finally found not far from its owner’s home after a strong mobilization. The animal must stay in a veterinary clinic and be operated on.

The owners of Jack , a 13-year-old Border Collie , had not heard from him since November 6 . That evening, he had panicked from fireworks , and had run away .

His family, who live in the village of Ramsbottom in the county of Greater Manchester (north-west England), had looked everywhere in vain, reports Manchester Evening News .

People have changed their daily trips to participate in the research . Others have offered to use their drones or to use their tracking dogs .

Finally, on Sunday , November 15 , neighbors heard barking . They came from under a thick pile of brambles and bushes at the foot of a tree. It was really Jack , who was trapped there . The place was not very far from the house of his masters.

He had been there for 9 long days , without food or water . Very weakened , he also suffered from deep cuts on the face.

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The Border Collie was taken to a veterinary clinic , where he was kept for observation. He needs to be operated on for his facial lesions. The cost of care was estimated at 5,000 pounds sterling (nearly 5,600 euros) and a kitty was created by relatives on the GoFundMe platform to help the family cover these expenses. However, due to complications, the veterinary costs are expected to eventually rise to 10,000 pounds .


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