Food for adult dogs

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dogs must often change their eating habits after they mature. In order to meet all nutritional needs, adult dogs must maintain an appropriate balance in their diet. It must provide all nutrients (protein, fat, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and water) to maintain the best physical condition.


the role of feeding small breed dogs… For large breeds of dogs… How do you feed the dog? How much? In order to change your dog’s diet

, these energy needs must be defined according to the dog’s breed and lifestyle. Generally speaking, industrial dog feed is still complete and of very good quality to provide all the nutrients your partner needs.

feed is good for the industrialization of

. The progress of dog feed is proof. Today, large professional brands perfectly meet the needs of your dog. According to its size, weight, breed and age, there are a variety of products.

is suitable for small breeds of dogs…

food is very important to adapt to the type of dog. For example, small breeds have a faster metabolism, so they need twice as many calories a day as large breeds. On the other hand, large breeds of dogs have a great appetite, but need to be controlled. These animals are fragile and may develop osteoarthritis and fragile cartilage with age. Therefore, they need a diet full of vitamins and minerals to solve these problems. Finally, consider giving it some cookies to avoid rejection.

is an important standard: a diet

suitable for dog behavior. Similarly, your dog’s behavior is also important. If your partner is very active, consider a specific diet with higher levels of fat, protein and vitamins. Therefore, for less active dogs, a lighter diet is logical to avoid excessive weight gain. When she is old, her diet must be changed accordingly according to her health problems.

receives suggestions from woopets through registered newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets so that you can receive our news and business offers. Learn more about how to feed dogs, one or two times a day. Bring him dinner at room temperature. Its taste and smell will be preserved for your partner to enjoy as much as possible. Your dog should eat in a quiet place, far from where you eat. Similarly, if you have several dogs, don’t let the children bark around him when he eats. Feed them separately to avoid quarrel. Don’t feed the dog before and after exercise. Many dogs have a distorted stomach. Rest for at least an hour between eating and exercising. How much is it for him?

for rations, please follow the recommendations on the package. However, never forget that every dog is different. Depending on its needs and shape, you may need to adjust the number so that it can maintain the lines. In addition to food, make sure your partner has a permanent kettle.

or, never give him appetizers or anything on your plate. Human food is not suitable for dogs. You may bring diseases and digestive problems to dogs.Dog

sometimes, due to medical reasons or fatigue of your dog, you may have to change its diet.

dogs are very sensitive to dietary changes. Care must be taken to ensure that the transition is not too sudden. New food and old food should be mixed together. In 7 to 10 days, you can gradually increase the proportion of new food until he eats it alone.

foods not recommended:

can also read: organic dog food

– food without fat (which may increase body weight).

– raw meat (may be infected with bacteria).

– bones (they may damage teeth and cause intestinal obstruction).

– cat food is not another option (not suitable for Dog Diet).

– chocolate (highly toxic, killing dogs in excess or causing serious illness in a small amount). “Kdspe

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